Lucedale, MS
Feels like 27°.
Humidity: 71% Dew Point: 19°
Clouds: 4% Pressure: 30.39 in
Wind: E 0 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 7:15am.
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55 23
Partly cloudy in the afternoon.
9%   21%
6:53   5:19
62 36
Partly cloudy until evening.
16%   55%
6:52   5:20
69 47
Mostly cloudy starting in the evening.
11%   13%
6:52   5:21
  • Special Weather Statement - Click for Details
    Updated: Fri Jan-19-18 06:40am CST
    Effective: Fri Jan-19-18 12:00am CST
    Expires: Fri Jan-19-18 06:00pm CST
    Severity: Minor
    Urgency: Expected
    Certainty: Observed
    Status: Actual
    Type: Alert
    Category: Met
    Areas affected: George; Greene; Perry; Stone; Wayne
    Message Summary: ...icy roads remain a potential hazard today...
    Across interior southeastern mississippi, southwestern alabama and the westernmost florida panhandle, patches of ice on the roadways will continue to be a hazard today and possibly tonight.
    *what?...some areas of ice have not melt completely and any residual water likely refroze overnight with the very cold temperatures. Ice can be hard to identify on roadways until you have already driven over it. Patches of ice will linger on the roadways, especially bridges, overpasses and on roads sheltered from the sun.
    *when and where?...patches of ice will linger through at least early afternoon and possibly into tonight, mainly north of i-10 and especially along and north of highway 84. Inland county emergency managers have confirmed the ice on roads. So, slow down and use extra precaution if you must drive! In general, those areas that received the most snowmelt and freezing rain, which is generally over interior sections of southern alabama and southeastern mississippi, will continue experiencing patches of ice the longest, meaning over the next several nights. In shaded areas, ice will likely persist during the heat of the day today and into friday night north of the highway 84 corridor.
  • Hard Freeze Warning - Click for Details
    Updated: Thu Jan-18-18 09:18pm CST
    Effective: Fri Jan-19-18 12:00am CST
    Expires: Fri Jan-19-18 09:00am CST
    Severity: Moderate
    Urgency: Expected
    Certainty: Likely
    Status: Actual
    Type: Alert
    Category: Met
    Areas affected: George; Greene; Perry; Stone; Wayne
    Instructions: A hard freeze warning means temperatures of 20 degrees or lower are expected. These temperatures can cause exposed water pipes to burst. If you have any exterior open air piping, ensure the pipes are adequately covered and open the faucet slightly for a small stream of water overnight. Check on elderly neighbors to make sure they have adequate heat. Area shelters should continue to expect increased demand. Outdoor pets and livestock should also have adequate warmth. Take adequate safety precautions with heating systems, and make sure to utilize carbon monoxide detectors in enclosed spaces. Ensure space heaters are not left unattended and are not used near flammable materials such as curtains or bed coverings. Space heaters account for one out of every three home heating fires and four out of five home heating fire deaths.
    Message Summary: ...a hard freeze warning is in effect for areas roughly along and north of the i-10 corridor until 9 am cst friday...
    ...hard freeze warning remains in effect until 9 am cst friday...
    * temperature...falling into the mid teens to around 20 degrees tonight into friday morning.
    * impacts...sub-freezing temperatures could result in hypothermia and will also be a danger for pets, livestock and sensitive vegetation. Exposed water pipes will be at risk of freezing and possibly bursting.

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