GULFPORT, Miss. (WLOX) – The Navy’s newest ship will be commissioned in Gulfport on Saturday.

Its name is LCS 20 now, but when Saturday’s ceremony is over, it will be known as the USS Cincinnati.

The ship’s has a draft of only 15 feet with a tri-hull design that will allow it to maneuver in shallow waters.

“As the mission of the Navy and the needs of the Navy changes, they change to adapt new types of ships for new missions, and this is one of the classes of ships for it,” said Senior Chief Kevin Seguin.

“The beautiful element about the littoral combat ship is the open design with the mission bay, which will allow for a lot of future missions that have not even been outlined yet,” said the ship’s executive officer Edison Rush. “And she’s fast. She can get in excess of 40 knots, and she’s set up to work and operate in the littorals. One of the major purposes of this ship is to respond to mines or respond to small craft or even anti-submarine warfare threat.”

“It can take on different roles by opting onto different mission packages for very specific sets of circumstances that they would need to deploy it to,” Seguin added.

The 3,200-ton Cincinnati was built by General Dynamics/Austal USA in Mobile.

The ship is 421.5 feet long and 103.7 feet wide. The ship is powered by two gas turbine engines, two main propulsion diesel engines and four waterjets.

This is the fifth ship to be named Cincinnati, the most recent was a Los Angeles class submarine that served in the Cold War.

“She is a remarkable ship, just like her crew, and we are just impressed and glad to be able to show it to the public in Gulfport as well as Cincinnati,” Rush said. “We are looking forward to taking the ship back around to her home port in San Diego.”

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