Every year Centennial Plaza serves as headquarters for Cruisin’ the Coast. This year, the site is a massive construction zone.

With Cruisin’ coming up September 30, event coordinators are working with Gulfport to make sure they won’t hit any speed bumps with all the construction going on.

Centennial Plaza in Gulfport is a construction zone with the restoration of the buildings on the property in full swing. Structures are being worked on and concrete piles are everywhere.

“We’ll just have to work around a lot of what you see here. A lot of people have asked about it. We’ve received calls at the Cruisin’ office about it. They’re going to work with us. Some of the routes may be a little different. Some areas may be block off a little bit. Cruisin’ the Coast the Coast is going to be taking place here this year,’ said Cruisin’ Executive Director Woody Bailey.

Bailey has been working with Gulfport Mayor Billy Hewes to make sure the event will go on without a hitch. Gulfport says this is actually a good opportunity to show off the work at Centennial Plaza.

“It’s good for people to see what’s going on. Get some word of mouth, some buzz. There are no issues to accommodate the crowds that are coming and we hope it’s another record crowd,” Mayor Billy Hewes said.

The Barrington Group and Robert Lubin are working on the transformation. They have told Bailey everything should be good to go. “They’re going to try and have all the new concrete in place by Cruisin’ time. Everything they’re tearing up now should be gone with new paving and concrete in place,” according to Bailey.

Meanwhile, on line registration has been in full swing. Every year, Cruisin’ breaks a record in terms of classic car numbers. last year more than 8,300 classic cars participated. If early registration is any indication it looks like 2018 will be another banner year.

“We’re looking at about 5,100. That’s pretty much on track with last year. Hopefully we’ll be above that. It’s looking really good right now”, said Bailey.

Cruisin’ the Coast is changing the way they recruit volunteers this year. For more information, visit

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