WIGGINS, Miss. (WLOX) – Before Cruisin the Coast can get started, other events around South Mississippi are giving people a chance to show off their prized vehicles. A car and bike show at Flint Creek Water Park was held Sunday, which was also the last day of the Seafood Festival.

Festival organizers said that there aren’t many bike shows on Sundays, and they wanted to do something different for bikers giving them a chance to show off their stuff.

“It’s the first one, just getting out of the door,” said Jay Robinson, a custom bike owner. “We haven’t slept for the past three nights just trying to get ready, get everything cleaned up, make sure the motor runs properly.”

Many of them have custom built their bikes to fit their individual tastes and personality.

“We scratched up all the chrome, chopped the pipes, re-did the rear fender, took the fender off the front of it, took the seat off and recovered it and painted the rims red,” said Tonya Reed, showing off her 2006 Suzuki GZ250 with a teal colored seat.

Robinson’s drifter trike, for example, was inspired by a big wheel he got for Christmas 30 years ago.

“I’m a kid at heart; 30 years later you look, and this is what I have,” Robinson said.

They put pride in their vehicles, and they want to let people see how proud they are of them.

“Bragging rights, getting first place, that’s what you always do,” Reed added. “You show up to win.”

“Man it was fun,” Robinson said.” “Fun and a lot of money poured into it. Blood, sweat and tears.”

They get to compete, but they also take the time to socialize with classic car owners and get and give ideas to one another to improve for the next show.

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