HARRISON COUNTY, MS (WLOX) – The aging Harrison County Adult Detention Center will soon get a $2.5 million upgrade. The Harrison County Board of Supervisors has given the green light for the badly-needed improvements at the jail and have already sent out requests for proposals to begin the process.

The Harrison County jail, which is located just off Seaway Road in Gulfport, hasn’t had a major upgrade in years, said Sheriff Troy Peterson, adding that this round of improvements is long overdue.

The repairs that are needed will make significant upgrades to the safety of all individuals on property.

“We’re looking at putting in a new camera system,” said the sheriff. “That would benefit not only the officers but the inmates as well.”

“What we’re doing with the fence is we’re replacing the concertina wire and the barbed wire around the perimeter fence,” explained Sheriff Peterson. “We’re using barbed wire from the 70s but it’s still the same technology.”

Because the windows in the main towers of the jail are Lexan windows, which is a strong polycarbonate material, Peterson said that it’s becoming foggy and can’t be cleaned.

“Going back and looking, I think 2008 is when the previous administration did repairs to the jail,” said the sheriff. “I think when you have a 30-year-old facility, over 30 years old, and the fences are over 30 years old and the building’s 30 years old, you need to do repairs on it.”

The Harrison County Board of Supervisors has already issued the bond and sent out requests for proposals. Sheriff Peterson says that once the proposals have been approved, he will have a better estimate of when the work can begin and when it will be completed.

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