Bay St. Louis Mayor Mike Favre unfairly dismissed his city’s former interim police chief Matt Issman after attempting to take control of the police department, Issman stated in a lawsuit.

David Harris, Issman’s attorney, confirms the lawsuit against Mayor Favre and the City of Bay St. Louis.

According to Harris, Issman “was fired as the interim chief of Bay St. Louis because he would not take direct orders from the mayor regarding the day-to-day operations of the police department.”

Harris stated that he has correspondences that prove Issman’s allegation. In that correspondence, the attorney contends Mayor Favre “tells Mr. Issman what he’s going to do.”

As the acting chief, Harris says Issman was not going to let others oversee his department. “He would not lay back and let the mayor run the police department,” said Harris.

Mayor Favre has since stated, “We have not been served with any papers, so we have no knowledge the lawsuit.” Favre recalled Issman filing a grievance after being dismissed, but not a formal lawsuit.

In response to the allegations against him, the mayor issued no comment.

In January 2017, Issman was hired as an investigator by then-Chief Darren Freeman. This was under the Mayor Les Fillingame administration.

Issman said Mayor Favre asked him to take over as interim chief in early September 2017 after Freemen left. Issman’s tenure was short as he was dismissed at the end of September.

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