A correctional officer was arrested and suspended after she was caught with a cell phone, marijuana, and spice when she reported to work.

35-year-old Kimberly Diana Scott of Pickens went to work at Central MS Correctional Facility in Rankin County with the contraband. It was discovered on her during a regular search.

“Operation Zero Tolerance will always be in effect under my administration,” said Commissioner Pelicia E. Hall. “This is a reminder that anyone coming on prison grounds – whether that person is an employee, a visitor or a vendor, the person will be searched. If contraband is found on the person, the person will be arrested and taken to jail.”

Scott is charged under the state law that prohibits the sale, possession or use of controlled substances in a correctional facility.

A conviction carries a maximum $25,000 fine, from three to seven years in prison, and no eligibility for probation, parole, suspension of sentence, earned time or any other reduction of sentence.

Elizabeth Pickens arrested and suspended; Source: MDOC

Elizabeth Pickens arrested and suspended; Source: MDOC

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