JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) – We’re more than 100 days away from the first lottery tickets being sold in Mississippi and the Mississippi Lottery Corporation is a step closer to approving the stores that will have lotto tickets for sale.

The applications were first made available August 2nd. The Lottery Corporation Board of Directors got the update Tuesday.

The MLC President reports they’ve gotten eight completed applications but they have 386 commitments from stores that say they’ll be submitting application – mostly chains that have several stores each.

“For comparison sake, the state of Arkansas has 1,900 retailers currently,” said MLC Vice Chairman Gerard Gibert. “We think we’ll approach somewhere between 1500 and a couple of thousand before it’s all over with.”

The board’s tackling regulations for instant ticket games first.

“Two categories of instant tickets,” noted Gibert. “The scratch off, the commonly known scratch off games. And there are also online instant ticket games that can be played as well where a player would step up to a terminal at a retailer and essentially select an instant ticket and they could win a prize right there.”

Those are the first type that you’ll be able to buy.

“We’ll have the scratch off tickets ready to go in at least 500 retailers,” Gibert said. “That’s our target at this point… by December 1st.”

The online games are slated to be ready by the first quarter of 2020…followed by PowerBall and MegaMillions later in the year. And the board has a target for how much money they expect to bring in.

“125 million escalating to a couple of hundred million probably by the second year,” added Gibert. “If we can get to where Arkansas is, they produce 519 million dollars of gross revenue, about 98 million of net proceeds in the last fiscal year. So, we’re excited about this and what it will do for Mississippi.”

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