A 6-year-old boy was sent to the hospital after being accidentally shot by his 8-year-old brother, deputies say.

At about 7 a.m. on Monday, AMR responded to reports of a shooting at Reese Drive and Rashelle Street in Saucier. Harrison County Sheriff’s Deputies discovered that the 6-year-old found .22 caliber handgun inside a dresser and began to play with it.

Investigator Neal Allen said the weapon was owned by the children’s grandfather, who was not home at the time. Allen stated that the gun did not have a trigger lock and the drawer where it was stored was not locked.

Officials say the gun went off when the 6-year-old went to hand it to his 8-year-old brother. One bullet was fired and it went through both of the 6-year-old’s legs. He was air lifted to USA Medical Center in Mobile with non life threatening injuries.

“They boy looked calm and cool, considering what he went through,” said Allen. He confirmed that the 8-year-old suffered no injuries.

Deputies noted that the kids’ grandmother, their legal guardian, was at home at the time but in a different room. No charges will be filed at this time, officials say.

The Mississippi Department of Human Services will conduct an independent investigation into the incident.

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