In a bombshell announcement, the executive director of the Department of Marine Resources announced the cancellation of the second commercial speckled trout season in Mississippi waters.

The season was set to begin on June 1. Joe Spraggins said the cancellation was due to under reporting of the speckled trout catch in the first season.

Each commercial fisherman is required to fill out a trip ticket with the amount of their catch when they return. Apparently, some of those numbers were fudged.

Spraggins said the investigation has been underway for about a month and a half. It could involve several commercial fisherman. He would not say if the investigation is criminal in nature.

The director said this is going to hurt honest commercial fisherman who depend on the speckled trout season to make a living. He also added that Coast restaurants could also suffer because any speckled trout they serve will have to come from out of state waters.

At this point, the extent of the investigation is unknown. It’s also not known if it is over or if it will continue.

The state limits the amount of commercial speckled trout caught to 50,000 pounds per year, 25,000 pounds in each season.

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