A Stone County woman is now facing charges for allegedly shooting her neighbor during a heated argument last month. Investigator Ray Boggs, with the Stone County Sheriff’s Department, said Janie Schana has been charged with aggravated assault.

According to Boggs, Schana shot her neighbor on Oct. 14 during an argument on her Diamond Radar Rd. property about kids riding four-wheelers.

Boggs said the argument started when two children were riding in the area, and reportedly told a parent a person up the road yelled at them and called them a racial slur.

Right after the altercation, Schana told investigators she fired a shot because she was afraid for her life after her neighbor attacked her inside her home Boggs said Schana told deputies she shot the man in the chest after he refused to leave her home.

Boggs said the medical evidence they just received indicates the bullet Schana fired hit her neighbor in the back and exited through his chest. Deputies say that finding means the shooting victim was likely walking away from Schana when she pulled the trigger and fired a shot.

Stone County deputies arrested Schana on Monday, one month after the incident took place.  A judge set her bond at $25,000

 Janie Schana (Photo source: Stone County Sheriff's Department)
Janie Schana (Photo source: Stone County Sheriff’s Department)

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