Lucedale, MS
Feels like 75°.
Humidity: 96% Dew Point: 72°
Clouds: 6% Pressure: 29.94 in
Wind: ESE 1 mph Visability: 10 mi Conditions as of 1:17am
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85 73
Heavy rain until evening.
89%   50%
6:45   6:49
87 73
Humid and partly cloudy throughout the day.
48%   43%
6:45   6:48
85 73
Rain starting in the afternoon, continuing until evening.
86%   58%
6:46   6:47

Here's Whats Happening

Rebels lose to Gulfport 14-0

LYMAN  T.Q. Newsome’s future may be as a running back at Southern Miss, but his passing proved the difference Friday night in the Port City Bowl. Gulfport topped George County 14-0 in the season opener for both squads as the... Read More.

Lucedale lineman saves woman’s life at restaurant

LUCEDALE, MS (WLOX) - Being in the right place at the right time. That's exactly where Andrew Brown was this summer when he saved a woman's life. Just hours before leaving his hometown of Lucedale, Brown completed a CPR training course for his job as... Read More.

Sexual battery Suspect Wanted In George County

The George County Sheriff’s Office Criminal Investigations Division is asking for the public’s help in locating 44-year-old black male Michael Ray Scott. Scott is wanted in connection to a felony sexual battery of a vulnerable adult, and a warrant has been issued for his... Read More.

Rebels lose Jamboree game 9-3

The Rebels hosted a Jamboree game against West Jones on Friday, 8/10. West Jones scored a Safety for 2 points near the beginning of the game, followed closely by a Rebels field goal for 3. With just a couple of minutes left in the... Read More.